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Product Design

With User Centred Design approach I can generate high-yield results with low-cost tasks, whenever the project is a website, desktop or mobile application.

User & Market Research

User Experience Design

User Interface Design

User Testing

Project Management

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers, it’s not only the logo but the way people feel when they interact with your brand. 

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Custom Brand Identity – Learn more

Storytelling & Illustration

Brand Communication

Satisfied Customers

  • Working with Kat was a pleasure. She is a perfect combination of analytical and creative mind. She was able to show through her designs my goals for the business and the personality behind my brand: elegant and approachable. Through the process she helped me to understand the elements of the brand identity, getting to know my target audience, how I can grow my social media engagement and what I can do to market my services better. I felt truly looked after.
    Natalia Chmielowiec, Photographer at

  • I had a pleasure working with Kat on my photography website. She understood right away my artistic expression and what I was looking for. She gave me ideas, what looks presentable without losing my artistic vision I had for the website. Very inspiring, flexible with a great overall eye for detail. She was very honest and authentic in communicating if something wasn't in my best interest or if things looked confusing. Very patient and skilful. She built my website on Squarespace from empty canvas starting with website structure up to details on all subpages. My website was created a few years ago but I am still in contact with Kat to keep updating my website and also to get her professional insight on ever changing media platforms. I am very grateful for working with her and I feel proud to present my website to my clients.
    Ania Kosma, Photographer at

  • Kat is a dedicated professional to her work and to the people she is offering high quality services to. I can recommend Kat for projects that try to push limits. She is always focused on solving a problem, and prepared to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution. She was fantastic to work with when we studied together at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a precise perfectionist, self-motivated, result driven and eager Animator. I highly recommend Kate for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organisation.
    Aisha Wels

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