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Brand Identity, UX, Responsive UI & Illustration

Signage Rocket
user interface, illustration, branding

Signage Rocket is a start-up company creating digital signage. I was commissioned to work on their project, initially for logo design, which developed into a 2 year relationship where I also created all of their visual communication, two website designs, UI for their customer CMS & illustrations for their social media platforms.


While they did not provide me with a full brief, this client had certain aspects of the design which were non-negotiable (ex. there needs to be a rocket in the logo), therefore I worked within their constraints to produce a logo and branding which met their needs but also allowed them to stand out from competitors.

I like traditional medium so I always start the ideation from sketching the ideas on paper. Here are some of them

Final logo


The initial design was aimed at early-adopters and went live before the product was released onto the market. This site allowed them to gather information on potential customers and interest in the product. Throughout the design process, although I wasn’t able to talk with actual users, I conducted interviews with stakeholders in order to understand not just the requirements of the business, but also the intended target audience and their needs.

Signage Rocket took the responsibility to gather user feedback to use it for future iterrations.

Signage Rocket were keen to maintain a business-like feel but with an edge, so I encouraged them to use illustrations rather than stock photos in their design, in order to differentiate them from their competitors. I used a limited colour palette to ensure a professional feel, and created bespoke illustrations for both their website and their social media. The website illustrations, which were largely in the background, were simple, with clean lines, representing a technical style.

Client’s Application

Working on client’s application allowed me to apply visual aspects of the brand into this crucial elements of Signage Rocket business.

Website redesign

As initial phase of targeting early adaptors was over we focused on applying gained feedback into new website.

One of the activities was creating wireframes and clickable prototype to allow communicate design choices to the client.

Final designs become more complex than initial website allowing to accommodate much broader requirements of end users.

As part of the website design, I also assisted with the creation of their web copy. I was provided with a vast amount of text which I assisted in condensing and simplifying, during the design process, in order to improve the end user experience.


The social media illustrations I created were more detailed, in order to convey the message and call to action required in an eye-catching and effective way.

This project was completed remotely with the majority of our conversations taking place via Skype.

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