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Push app notifications for consistent experience


Purplebricks sits at the top of the estate agency league table in the UK by market share. They are revolutionising the home moving process by combining agent’s local knowledge with convenient online tech.


1. Create omni channel – When user reacts to notification on web it changes the status of the notification in App to read and opposite

2. Limit disturbance  – Send notifications only during the day. 

3. Custom behaviour – Depending on the context of the notification, it can be just information that disappears after a while or persistent  notification that needs to be reacted to ( VIEW / DISMISS,  ACCEPT / RESCHEDULE)

4. Notification status – Notifications in list of notification can be read or unread

5. Manage preferences – Allowing users to manage what type of notifications they want to recieve

6. Relevant & beneficial – All push notifications needs to bring value to the user, be relevant and personalised as the goal is to bring the people to the app and increase engagement

Mapping current user journey

One of the tasks that helped me understand the current notification situation was to map all push notification, emails and text messages that PB sends to their customers.

This maps shows a user journey of seller and buyer showing significant gaps in their sale/buy journey when we don’t keep the communication going and customer is left alone.


I’ve then mapped all the opportunities and assigned priority to them base on user interviews, competitors research, business goals and best practices.

The design accommodates multiple scenarios: how we deal with notification when device is off, app in the background and when user is using the app.

Designed for foreground use covered two types of components.

Banner. Appears at the top of the screen for a few seconds while the device is in use, then disappears.
Appears at the top of the screen while the device is in use and stays there until manually dismissed.

I worked with a Content designer to deliver conversational and user friendly notifications.

One of the goals of the project was to allow them to manage what type of notifications they want in the system to builds trust


This work drove the roadmap of App notifications.

The research initiated redesign of the home page of the App, as at this point it was the same for all the users, whatever the role.

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