Microlise – Mobile platform

User research and UX design for mobile platform

ux, user research, strategy, design system

During my time in Microlise I was assigned to the project that was failing and was in desperate need of UX. My team had grown and I had added a team leader in order to support and drive current projects. This allowed me to move into a more strategic position and interface with the business at a higher level.

Project goals

This project allowed me to work on several aspects of product lifecycle. The goal was to create sustainable Design system that would allow delivering flexible workflows for multiple clients. I was working closely with Product Manager, Business Analyst and Developers and other stakeholders to define business and user goals. I worked with stakeholders to develop a road map, which was a set of functionalities that deliver in a specific order, this order is driven by the user value.

I designed, iterate and validate the Process for how the Design system would be use within the business.

This was a far more complex platform and further reaching in terms of customer base and usage. The mobile platform supported all the drivers of our customers and was heavily used. This challenge was the most strategic one to date and is currently still in progress with an aim to be completed in 2020.

User research

I’ve started the project by conducting user research into how our products are managing drivers workflows.

Participating in drivers day allowed me to perform observations, contextual interviews and gather feedback on current Microlise POD solution.

Journey Map

I took pictures of the users journey and made extensive notes giving me enough material to produce Journey map. Beside Waitrose, which is representative of Home delivery segment I also went on a route with Eddie Stobart and Pladis drivers, both HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicles).

I also used the opportunities in my personal life to gather feedback by performing ad hoc interviews with my ASDA delivery drivers or getting quick check on AnyVan app for drivers when was using their service.

Navigation & User flows

I did extensive review of current mobile solutions and notice issues with information architecture, specially navigation. My goal for IA was to create consistent navigation for all the current and future functionalities. With the stakeholders we prioritise the common features and based on findings, business goals and clients needs we picked workflow for our MVP.

On this stage of the project I started ideation process using rapid and high fidelity wireframes. I focused on improving interaction, system feedback and overall flow.

My strategy was grounded in user research, review of old solutions and a bit of competitors analysis, the previous iteration of the app did not included UX or UI design, it was solely done by developers base on business needs. It was choking the drivers with far too many options and not enough step by step process. My strategy needed to incorporate analytics to ensure that we can record difficulties that the driver happens upon that we can then feedback to developers and designers.

Prototype for Proof of Delivery workflow
Prototype for Vehicle check workflow

I developed a prototype in Adobe XD that I tested with drivers (Microlises customers, DHL and Pladis). The whole design needed to be focused on them, the user.

Easing out the user onboarding process for new drivers was also critical as the platform was regularly used by new and contract drivers who essentially needed to hit the ground running and were not provided with additional training.

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