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One page app for managing drivers routes

User research, UX/UI Design, User testing

Microlise specialises in producing fleet technology solutions that in 2017 had a total of 180,248 drivers using their systems and burning around 1.9 billion litres of fuel.

My first project in Microlise was to target Transport clerk’s needs to introduce a driver to the route and all issues he can come across.

User research

I spent a week on site at the ASDA depot shadowing end users. This was to support users with the rollout of Microlise’s journey management solution, which gave me an opportunity to perform contextual observations, surveys and interviews. This gave me the insight into end users day to day tasks, their busy environment and help me understand their needs, goals and pains. A solid beginning of vital data for my User Research report, where I was beginning to map personas and user journeys.

Initial wireframes

I’ve conducted multiple sessions with stakeholders to map users journey and start sketching wireframes, which allowed me to quickly validate my assumptions and come up with more defined solution.

Additionally, I ran several workshops with internal stakeholders, in order to validate and share my findings. This research led to designs that was honouring our customers directly and allowed me to approach all future projects with the insight necessary to produce high class user experience.

User testing

I’ve managed to work on two iterations of a clickable prototype that can be tested with users. After first round of user testing the findings were presented to stakeholders and then fed into the second iteration with their steer.


One app product that allows Transport clerk to brief drivers going on the road about any future problems.

I was able to use my Scrum Product Owner training to implement an agile methodology to manage the project. We worked the sprints as a team so everyone was there to support each other.

App displayed route on the map with extra layer of details, like hotspots. Those were multiple data points around dangerous recurring incidents that can impact drivers experience.

On the left side panel would display full route of the driver with stops and ETAs.

A fully functional front end was created with a new design system and was fully responsive, the product could be used on multiple devices.

App included meaningful timeline, where users could interact with to learn about weather conditions.

User onboarding

As one of design principles was to allow users to minimise about of training I also designed user onboarding of this feature.

The best failure ever

The prototype was given to our development team in India to build. I was no longer involved and problems began to arise. The development team had issues with coding the product and failed to implement the UI features that we had designed. This was a catastrophe; our process had been diluted and we could not measure whether we had been successful. However, the failure of the final product showed the importance of changing the company culture toward adhering to the Ways of working and using the Design system.

Throughout the project the scope of it grew to the point that solution was far from MVP. It gave our team an essential lesson to push back on requirements from internal stakeholders and reinforce importance of early testing and feedback.

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