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Martin Oliva
direct client
Art Direction, Branding, User Experience, User Interface, E-commerce

I worked with Martin a few years back supporting him with illustrations and photo retouching. Today my task was much different and went beyond craft skills. Martin Oliva came to me after failures to work with other design teams and in need of guidance and direction.

I am comfortable entering projects half way through, fixing processes or encountering problems as necessary. Whilst also offering direction, consultancy in the field of strategy, user experience and visual communication.


Redesign of the logo was simple as the client already designed the cygnet that he used in his jewellery designs. My task was to polish it and create a matching Logotype.

Art Direction

Part of the task was delivering art direction on other aspects of the project, like photo retouching. I was collaborating closely with client, photographer and photo retoucher giving guidance on lightning and postproduction of the product photography to deliver consistent results that fits brand identity.

Through the course of the project I worked also with development team and client delivering website specification and presenting user experience design artefacts.

When the visual side of the brand identity was ready we could move to the next step, creation of the temporary splash screen. Previous website dealt with many problems, from errors to not being appealing to the target group. We needed to buy time to properly address the issues with limited resources.

Information Architecture

One of the main issues of the current website was a lack of order and a huge amount of elements that weren’t useful for the customers. The clutter made impossible for users to find the information they need quickly. My goal was to integrate the new functionality of the e-commerce to the existing architecture and fix the clutter problems. I removed few sections from the main menu, which weren’t the main domain of client’s services and created the Customer Services section where user can find all the extra information about the online shop as well articles that can help to make the best buy.

Responsive Website Design

The biggest task in this project was to integrate the e-commerce functionality to what previously was a product showcasing website.

I’ve focused on coming up with easy to use flow for the basket, clear information architecture for product catalogue and effective product presentation page.

martin oliva main page design desktop
martin oliva product catalogue page

Researching design trends allow me to apply new way of displaying products on the category page. This involved designing hovers that revealed more information without leaving current page. It allows user for quick comparison of products.

martin oliva product mage

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