M Look

Brand Identity for Beauty Salon

M Look

M Look is a new beauty salon on the market located in vibrant Kraków, the old capital of Poland. Gosia, the owner gained many years of experience in different salons and the time came to start her own business. Taking from her experience all the do’s and don’ts and working with me as a Customer Experience designer allowed us to reinvent the way she will run her own salon. Focusing on creating cohesive customer experience from the physical realm of her salon, through the booking journey and finishing on brand communication.

I’ve started this journey by doing a quick mood board where I proposed two visual lines for brand identity as well as the interior design of the salon.


I’ve played around with recognisable elements of her offering to reflect the brand’s personality in the logo.

Answering the demand for shrinking screen sizes and new channels for advertising, there is a need to rethink the way a logo is created. It’s no longer one size fits all. Responsive logos are shape-shifting logos that change in size, complexity or even colour to accommodate and adapt to wherever they are placed.



Identity elements – images

Linear patterns, brand elements and gold hot-stamping. Simple and elegant at the same time.

At the end I designed a social media profile and cover images to keep consistent with main brand elements.

Second proposition

During the stakeholder interview I had come up with two directions for brand identity. The second one was more young and playful. I did some visualisation to show how this direction could go. The choice was to use the same colour scheme as this was one of the first decisions we made.

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