Harmony Springs


Harmony Springs
Taktic Studio

Harmony Springs has over 100 years of experience producing artisanal sodas from artesian springs around Ludlow, MA. Taktic Studio updated the company’s branding without sacrificing their rich tradition. Tasks included updating the logo while paying homage to the original design, completely redesigning the product packaging.

My part of the design was creating an illustration that was later used as brand mark in the logo. The three singing man.

The redesign was included on the Packaging of the World website! I’m so proud to be part of this project, with beautifully crafted logotype and fantastic photo shooting of the final products.


Art Director: Krzysztof Piatkowski, Victoria Abrami

Designer: Krzysztof Piatkowski, Victoria Abrami

Illustrators: Kat Sejud-Green

Photographer: Lucas Zarebinski

Writer: Shawn Mulder

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