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Branding, RWD, UX, UI

In early 2015, an award winning wedding photographer turned to me with request to redesign her whole branding and current website.

Natalia describes herself as a person full of optimism and passion. Hidden behind the veil of the lens, flawlessly grasp the nuances of light and space. My goal was to fully show her complex character and create a branding that completes her work in elegant manner but not skips the personal traits. In her photos she try to introduce everything with a high degree of sensitivity and acceptance and the website should reflect that. According to Natalia the best collaboration works in atmosphere of openness and the art of dialogue, which is why she invite us into her world full of memories, happy and touching moments. To reflect the new approach, I was given the chance to think about the project holistically – far beyond a simple logo & website redesign.


The goal of the sign was to be able to use it in many different mediums. On business cards as well on images as watermark. Trying to find a perfect balance between the traditional craftsmen of photography and explosive personality of photographer itself. We strove to keep the core brand identity intact and, as an extension of the new identity, redesign Fotonata’s portfolio website from the ground up.

Responsive website design

Graphic design here is just an addition to the rich photography portfolio, where thin lines and contrast between black and white elements gives proper visual segregation of website parts. Project was developed by DB9Studio my long term collaborator.

User Experience Design for Customer area

One of the parts of the project was UX research in the field of ordering systems. To meet customer’s needs, the client wanted an ordering solution simplified to the maximum.
We created ordering system that allows user to choose the images and send the email notification to the photographer.
We interviewed the users of similar websites and ordering systems. Unique URL addresses idea make it harder to check similar systems without the access making competitors research almost impossible. As the competitors known each other it was helpful to be able to look through their systems for comparison and gathering ideas.

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