Responsive e-commerce platform

Redesign Strategy, Usability Audit, RWD, UI

An award winning cosmetic company wanted to increase their brand recognition and loyalty to ensure their digital presence was fit for purpose through 2016 and beyond. They turned to Spiderweb, an agency that I worked with for many years on a freelance basis.

I was given the task to deliver a mobile first user interface design based on the functional specification and wireframes supplied to me.

I conducted user research to understand the requirements of the company’s customers and the business itself with a view to redesign the current website.

After the process of gathering user and customer requirements, I conducted a competitor research. This helped me to identify new ideas for the basket in the ecommerce section and also a different approach to product presentation. I did audits of Clochee’s three main competitors, which revealed a strong focus on ecology, the ingredients in their products and packaging.  

User flows

Through good collaboration with the agency, I was able to share my expertise in terms of usability and suggest a change in their approach to basket flow.

I redesigned the basket user flow by reducing amount of steps down to three. Making sure that users can clearly see what is required of them to do in the current step as well as the next one. I also added flow where users can choose to buy as a guest without commitment to register allowing an unobstructed purchase of products.

Information architecture

To highlight Clochee’s expertise and knowledge, the website needed a more usable way of organising the content. This lead to merging two sections of the existing website and creating one blog space for all their articles with more visual tagging and proper filtering of the content. The result was an increased usability of Clochee Academy that became one of the main successes of the redesign.

User interface

The next step was a visual design of the main page, to allow the client to fully understand the process, final outcome and to gather necessary feedback. Before project was passed to development, I created full set of high fidelity mockups for responsive website, mobile, tablet and desktop.

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