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I started out as a freelance digital designer and illustrator which allowed me to move to the most dynamically evolving city in Poland – Wroclaw where I worked in an interactive agency. It was here where I became engaged in projects centered around user experience design. I generated ideas for social media campaigns, games and landing pages, as well as created visuals, designed websites and apps with clients such as NIVEA, Nokia Siemens Network, Raiffaisen Bank, Nurofen, Eucerin and Deutsche Bank. I continued with my freelance career and expanded beyond graphic design and focused more on information architecture, user interface and user experience design. This led me to move to the UK where I fully established myself as a UX/UI Designer working with an array of clients. I worked in cross functional teams and have been co-ordinating large website projects. I’ve assisted the marketing team with marketing, brainstorming and advertising strategies. 

The website that I designed for www.dawca.pl received two awards in 2010 at Webstarfestival, the Academy Webstar and the Internet users Webstar in the category of Best Social Website.

Currently, I design user experience and interaction for mobile and web apps. Most of the time the process involves user research, creating information architecture, rapid wireframes, and prototypes. I feel confident with presenting finalised ideas, designs, and concepts to stakeholders. I also prepare and conduct in situ and ex situ user testing. I work closely with Developers, Product Managers and Business Analysts in an Agile environment.

Any type of collaboration is welcome. Happy to assist and work freelance.

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  • Kate is a dedicated professional to her work and to the people she is offering high quality services to. I can recommend Kate for projects that try to push limits. She is always focused on solving a problem, and prepared to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution. She was fantastic to work with when we studied together at the University of Wolverhampton. She is a precise perfectionist, self-motivated, result driven and eager Animator. I highly recommend Kate for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.
    Aisha Wels

  • Illusicon is an animation and graphic design collaborative based in Birmingham, UK. We merge traditional and digital techniques for the best results. Over ten years of experience of supplying design to various customers across the globe. l result in something beautiful whether it be animation or a complete rebranding.
    Jan Kasiuba, Starcom Telematic

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