Stakeholders Workshop

Engaging stakeholders into project is essential, specially with technical businesses. I conduct workshops on which we could together come up with ideas for new company website. But most of all it gave me an idea of what the business is about, what are its products and services, what are the business goals and how my client differs from competitors.

The project

Build an intuitive and easy to use company website for desktops, tablets and mobiles.

The challenge

Redesign of current website. Usually this type of websites need to combine few aspects, marketing, sales and informative. Over wording cause them to be unattractive and hard to use, it requires a long learning curve and it is not user friendly.

My role

I start my work by doing extensive competitors research. I conducted the workshop on which I interviewed stakeholders and engaged them in creating Personas and user flows. Next step was to design the low fidelity wireframes and mockups in order to create high fidelity prototype. Last step of user experience stage was user testing of the high-end prototype with the aim of analyse the user flows.


UX Strategy



Defining Personas

During the workshops I divided stakeholders into groups. After interviewing stakeholders we identified 4 key Personas. Each group described the typical users what allow us to to gain valuable insights into user’s needs.  Every persona includes their name, occupation, age, marital status, needs & goals, motivation, typical quotes and simple drawing.


1) Engineering/operational/it managers – knowledgeable – Looking for job to be done and how support will look like
2) Buyers, Health & Safety managers – checking credibility  – fund manager, financial/purchase managers
3) Owners/CEO – money deceives – looking for cost effective solutions, improvement processes
4) Future employees – vacancies, how big company is, which clients it work with, what are the benefits of working in this company, what current employees talk about the company,


Defining Scenarios

I constructed typical scenarios for all personas, using sketches and illustrations.I realized that two personas were using the website in very limited way, checking for company’s history and accreditation.  All users check the website on the go, while two on a desktop in their offices.


Defining flows

After creating personas and scenarios I focused on the user flows. I defined how personas interact with each other and when they visit the website and what information they are looking for.

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